The Journey – a story told through dance

The challenge: create a live show that tells the story of our dance group and also the story of immigration through the lens of a group of young Canadian-Iranian girls

The Design Team: Chichaklar Dance Company (Facebook, Instagram)

You can view an overview of the show here.

The approach: group facilitation sessions on themes and ideas that we want to portray, secondary research on various performing arts work where the primary medium is dance, engagement of other professionals (choreographers, musicians, and filmmakers) in the creation process

Key learning or insights: expression of art is a personal and a collective experience. This needs to be considered by a dancer and an artistic director when creating any piece. Less is more – limiting props, costumes and staging ideas can inspire a form of creativity and clarity in the process of show creation.

The impact of findings: made people feel various emotions and took them through an experience

My specific role: artistic director, choreographer, performer and assisted in production elements